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Expert web help for small business owners, at an affordable price.

good-smallerWhether you are looking to establish your first online presence or upgrade an existing site, you deserve a website that works for your business. Your site can make a powerful first impression, and you want to be sure you are getting the most out of it. Even if you already have a site, you’ve probably realized that you need to find ways to draw traffic and generate leads or even sales.

But how is a small business owner supposed to figure it all out? Your employees are overworked as it is. Hiring a marketing firm is way too expensive, and freelancers are hit-or-miss. Is there a way to generate value from a web site without either:

  1. spending loads of cash? …or
  2. dealing with amateurs?

Net Elevation was created with a simple goal in mind: giving expert web help to small business owners, at an affordable price.

You won’t deal with amateurs, moonlighters or freelancers at Net Elevation. You’ll have your own personal web consultant, who is an expert at helping small businesses. Your web consultant takes the time to understand your company, your marketing goals, and your business challenges – and makes recommendations based on what is best for your company. It’s like having a new member of your team. And having your own web consultant probably costs less than you think.

Feel free to browse through our site and see for yourself. Many of our services can be ordered online. After you order, you get a call from your new web consultant to discuss the details.

In addition to building websites, we also provide help for existing websites – including tools to enhance your website, maintain and support it, and get the word out.

Each of our packages is designed to address your specific goals using first class design, proven techniques and software that we have refined over time with the help of our fantastic clients. These affordable methods have been developed specifically for the benefit of small businesses.


We love helping small business owners. Please take a look at our services, select the ones that make sense for you, or request a free phone consultation to get our recommendations. We are here to help.


Brian Bender – Founder of Net Elevation  

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Meet Brian Bender of Net Elevation

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Thank you so much! You made this very painless. Wish I had been introduced to you many years ago.

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