Teresa Adam
Company US Bank
Business Type Banking
City Half Moon Bay
Phone (650) 726-9026
Email teresa.adam@usbank.com
Website www.usbank.com
Norm Armstrong
Company Norm Armstrong Roofing, Inc.
Business Type Roofing-Gutters
City Half Moon Bay
Phone (650) 726-4857
Email thebullman@msn.com
Website www.NormArmstrong-Roofing.com
Philippa Barr, LCSW
Company CoastsidePsych
Business Type Psychotherapy
City Half Moon Bay
Phone (650) 393-9331
Email philippa@coastsidepsych.com
Website www.CoastsidePsych.com
Karen Bell
Company Main St. Hair Design
Business Type Hair Stylist
City Half Moon Bay
Phone (650) 726-2622
Website www.MainStreetHairDesign.com
Bryan Bodas
Company The Siding Company
Business Type Siding
City Half Moon Bay
Phone (650) 726-6100
Email bbodas@silvabodas.com
Website www.SilvaBodas.com
Angela Bolton
Company Newbold Chiropractic
Business Type Chiropractor
City El Granada
Phone (650) 726-3300
Email dr.angela@chirobythesea.com
Stephanie Breslin
Company Championing Executive Offices
Business Type Business Personal Assistant
City El Granada
Phone (650) 728-9590
Email stephanie@ceos.champion.com
Bill Cook
Company RE/MAX Dolphin Real Estate
Business Type Residential Real Estate
City Half Moon Bay
Phone (650) 879-0824
Email Bill@TeamCook.net
Website www.TeamCook.net
Robert Dragony
Company Sunrise Painting
Business Type Painter Commercial/Residential
City Half Moon Bay
Phone (650) 726-9500
Email robertd@sunrisepaintinginc.com
Website www.SunrisePaintingInc.com
Flo Driscoll
Company Juice Plus
Business Type Wellness Products
City Half Moon Bay
Phone (650) 726-0344
Email flocnd95@pacbelll.com
Website www.FloDriscoll.com
Cecily Hatchitt
Company Coastviews Magazine
Business Type Marketing Services
City El Granada
Phone (650) 726-5951
Email c.hatchitt@comcast.net
Website www.CoastviewsMag.com

Howard Hayes
Company Edward Jones
Business Type Financial Services
City Half Moon Bay
Phone (650) 726-9133
Email h2hayes@sbcglobal.net
Noreen Cooper Heavlin
Company Sorting Things Out
Business Type Organizing Professional
City El Granada
Phone (650) 619-6894
Email heavlin@astreet.com
Website www.sortingthingsout.com
Monique Hodgkinson
Company Stable Solutions
Business Type Crafts
City Pescadero
Phone (650) 740-1491
Email monique@astablesolution.com
Website www.astablesolution.com
Yvonne Lorvan
Company Ooh! Just What I Wanted!
Business Type Incentives
City Pacifica
Phone (650) 359-6215
Email llorvan@yahoo.com
Website www.oohjustwhatiwanted.com
Deborah Marion
Company Bay CPAs
Business Type Taxes
City Half Moon Bay
Phone (650) 726-7632
Email accoun5@aol.com
Website www.BayCPAs.com
Jack McKinnon
Company The Garden Coach
Business Type Landscape Services
City Pescadero
Phone (650) 879-3261
Email jcmckinnon@earthlink.net
Ginger Minoletti
Company Bay World Travel
Business Type Travel Agent
City Half Moon Bay
Phone (650) 726-7345
Email ginger@bayworldtravel.com
Website www.BayWorldTravel.com
Kellie Morlock
Company Adamarc Financial Co.
Business Type Loans
City Menlo Park
Phone (650) 688-6080
Email kellie@adamarc.com
Website www.StressFreeLender.com
Kevin O’Brien
Company Weller/O’Brien Insurance Services
Business Type Property & Casualty Insurance
City Half Moon Bay
Phone (650) 726-6328
Email wohmb@pacbell.net
Website www.WellerObrien.com
Kevin Palmer
Company Floors To Go
Business Type Floor Construction & Service
City Half Moon Bay
Phone (650) 726-6386
Judy Pruzinsky, LAc.
Company Licensed Acupuncturist
Business Type Acupuncture
City Half Moon Bay
Phone (650) 576-9749
Email Judy@proper.com
Bob Regan
Company Hammer Building, Inc.
Business Type General Contractor
City Montara
Phone (650) 728-5878
Email bob@hammer-building.com
Website www.hammer-building.com
Jane Regan
Company HB Design Inc.
Business Type Kitchen and Bath Design
City Montara
Phone (650) 346-6650
Email Jane@hbdesigninc.com
Website www.hbdesigninc.com
Patricia Roma
Company Law Offices of Patricia Roma
Business Type Attorney – General Practice
City Half Moon Bay
Phone (650) 726-5575
Email promaesq@aol.com
Chrys Ann Rudig
Company Abundance – a skin care studio
Business Type Cosmetics-Skin Care
City Half Moon Bay
Phone (650) 560-9600
Email info@abundanceSKINcare.com
Eric Shapira
Company Aging Mentor Services, Inc.
Business Type Services for Seniors
City Half Moon Bay
Phone (650) 728-5827
Email ezs1dds@aol.com
Jonathan White
Company EMK Advisors
Business Type Buying and Selling Businesses
City Half Moon Bay
Phone (650) 834-5440
Email jon@emkadvisors.com
Website www.emkadvisors.com/jwhite
Diana Zamudio
Company Green Intention Designs
Business Type Feng Shui Interiors
City El Granada
Phone (650) 284-4071
Email info@dianadzigns.com
Website www.greenintention-designs.com

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