marketingAn excellent website does more than just looking nice. It helps build relationships with your customers.

When you choose Net Elevation, you receive access to the online marketing tools listed below, and expert guidance from your web consultant in order to use these tools effectively.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising
This is the most reliable way to attract web site visitors. For a low monthly fee, Net Elevation creates and manages your campaign through Google, Yahoo and other sources. You decide on your advertising budget, which you can raise or lower each month. We will setup your campaign quickly and have traffic flowing to your site within days.

Search Engine Optimization
This is a series of techniques that our team employs to raise your rankings in the search engines. These techniques involve minor changes to the HTML code on your web pages. After changes are made, we wait 30 days before analyzing the effects of each change. Through an iterative process over several months, we discover a unique optimization strategy for your site.

E-Mail Newsletters & Blasts
A regular e-mail newsletter or announcement keeps your company’s name directly in front of your customers. Net Elevation can help you build an e-mail list, and gives you the power to send announcements, offers or information whenever you wish. You’ll just login to our e-mail outreach system, prepare your message and send it immediately to your customers. See for yourself the benefits of this affordable advertising and communication method.

The Blogging Revolution
Do you have a list of your favorite blogs? If so, you understand the powerful personal connection that a regularly-updated blog can create with its readers. We can show you how to use this new communication channel to promote an entertaining and educational dialogue among your customers. Net Elevation provides the tools; you provide the passion and the posts.