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How do I write content for my website?

Here are a few pointers!

1. It’s less than you think. A few paragraphs is plenty for most of your pages.

2. Subdivide, subdivide, subdivide – Think about dividing your content into short blocks. As much as possible, avoid long paragraphs of text. It might feel weird at first, but it will make it more readable.

3. Headings are a great way to subdivide. Every couple of paragraphs should start with a section heading.

4. Lists are another great way to subdivide. Think about how to create bulleted lists in your text.

5. An even more advanced way to approach your content is to think about sidebars, or highlight blocks of text. As much as possible, subdivide your text into small chunks that can be configured into various layouts.

6. Don’t get hung up on grammar or spelling. When placing the text, Net Elevation will review and make minor corrections as needed.

7. Enjoy the process – this is your chance to communicate exactly what makes your business so exciting. Don’t be afraid to write in a human, conversational tone.

See also: Can I copy text from someone else’s website?

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