Social Media Cleanup


Make sure your social channels have professional graphics and represent your business in the best possible way.



Sorry, but your social media channels are a little embarrassing. Your logo is blurry, some basic information is missing and you never really figured out how to size your cover image correctly, so you just skipped it.

That’s okay. You setup the Facebook page yourself a few months ago on a Sunday afternoon. But now you’ve acquired some followers, so wouldn’t it be nice to spruce it up a little?

Our Social Media Cleanup service helps you get your social channels in shape. Allow us to access your channels, and you’ll get:

  • A crisp clean logo (profile pic), properly cropped
  • Cover Photos, optimized and sized
  • Completed business description and all details
  • Options configured within each channel

Up to 3 social media channels, fresh and clean for you!

This service can also be used to create brand new social channels.

Beautify your social channels at a lovely price.

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