Terms of Use Agreements

Consider whether your website requires a Terms of Use Agreement. A website Terms of Use can help you with the following:

  1. Protect against infringement of intellectual property rights;
  2. Misuse of the website by visitors;
  3. Win the battle of forms with vendors, suppliers, purchasers or
    visitors; and
  4. Manage business and legal risks.

A Terms of Use can be applicable to any type of business, but particularly to those who sell products online or accept credit card payments. It can also be useful for those in insurance or financial professions. If you want to protect yourself from legal complications (and who doesn’t), then a Terms of Use should be a critical part of your website planning.

We have attorney partners that we highly recommend. Not only are they extremely affordable, but they are friendly and enjoy working with small business owners.

Contact us to be connected with attorneys that can discuss your website Terms of Use. In addition, our friends also handle copyright and trademark questions and can even help with your business structure and operating agreements.

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