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Let us show you how to get better results from your web site. When you’re ready to take the next steps, just give us a call.

Here’s What You Need to Do:

Pick up the phone. Dial 773-218-0983 during business hours…OR complete our online contact form.

Here’s what to expect:

  1. Discovery meeting: You will meet with us to introduce your business, determine project goals and discuss design preferences.
  2. Delivery of Proposal & Estimate: We will prepare a written proposal and cost estimate for your project. You will be requested to sign a contract. You will be billed for a portion of project costs. At this time, you will also send any existing written or graphic materials that may be useful for the project.
  3. Development: We will take 10-14 days to prepare a 1-2 page draft or mockup of your project. This usually consists of a homepage draft and a draft of a secondary page template.
  4. Presentation of Design Draft: We will present our design draft for your feedback. You will be asked to provide a written or verbal list of changes or additional ideas relating to the design.
  5. Final Design and Content Development: Based on your feedback, we will finalize the design templates and begin writing or adding page contents as necessary. Content development time depends on the amount of content to be added.
  6. Content Review: You will review the text content of the site and make modifications as necessary through the Site Editor.
  7. Final Content Approval and Site Launch: Upon approval of the site contents, the site will be launched. The original project will be considered complete at this time. Additional modifications will be considered to be a separate project. At this time, you will be billed for the remainder of project costs.
  8. Monthly Report: After 30 days, you will receive your first report. Your web consultant will include comments and suggestions for better performance. At any time, you can login to your Site Editor to manage your site.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Pick up the phone. Dial 773-218-0983 during business hours…OR complete our online contact form.

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