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There are no stupid questions.

Web Design

Can I use Dreamweaver to edit my site? No. Your site is powered by databases and is therefore incompatible with Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Contribute or similar tools. Instead, you have access to our Site Editor tool, which allows you to easily update your site.

I’m not a writer—should I really be messing with my site’s content? That is up to you. We believe that most small business owners want the ability to make simple edits or corrections with our Site Editor. Net Elevation offers professional writing and editing services when the situation requires it.

I already have a web site. Can you help me improve it? Yes. We can help you increase your traffic and your lead conversions or sales.

Search Engine Marketing

Do you guarantee high rankings in the search engines? No. Search rankings are based on many factors, including the level of competition for your keywords. We guarantee that we will use every appropriate and affordable technique to improve your search rankings. But the search engines will rank your site based on their own set of criteria, which is different for every site.

Web Hosting

What is web hosting? Renting space on a server is comparable to renting an apartment. For a monthly fee, you reside in that apartment and all maintenance is the responsibility of the property. You also have access to certain amenities that would otherwise be a costly investment. A Web hosting company houses your Web site on its own secure servers—enabling you to affordably leverage the power of a high-speed network, expert monitoring and support, and state-of-the-art technology.

I already have a hosting account. Can I continue using it? If you choose a different hosting provider, you will not have access to the innovative services that Net Elevation has developed especially for small businesses. Also, our survey of web development costs indicates that businesses who choose cheap hosting end up paying more in the long-run for web development and maintenance.

How do I check my e-mail with Outlook, Entourage or another e-mail software? We’ve published an easy guide to setting up your e-mail program.

Who do I contact if I have a technical question about my web or e-mail accounts? Contact your web consultant.

Monthly Reports

Do I really need a monthly report? Reviewing your site’s trends will help you make smart decisions. Your monthly report is prepared by your web consultant, who analyzes the trends and suggests ways to improve your site’s performance. This report is included with your web hosting package.

Other Questions

Do you work with companies that are not based in the Chicago or San Francisco areas? Yes. However, it is usually impractical for us to travel to your location, so all of our communication must take place over phone and e-mail.

Do you work with home-based businesses? Yes! We specialize in working with small businesses. We recognize that many of these fledging companies begin their lives in humble circumstances.

Can you help me troubleshoot my computer? No. We have little knowledge in these areas.

I have some special ideas for my site, which don’t seem to be covered in your service listing. We love challenges. Please call us (773-218-0983) to talk about your project.

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