Inked Up site has launched

We’re still working on the finishing touches, but we’re excited by our recent site launch for Inked Up, a firm that sells printer cartridges for up to 50% less than retail prices. This fledging company contacted us to help develop not only their web site, but their entire brand identity and marketing message. We think they’ve got a great business concept, and we’re thrilled to help them shape their ideas from Day One. screen capture

Net Elevation invented the tagline, “A Better Way to Print”, because we think it captures the philosophy behind Inked Up. Then we wrote Ten Reasons Why Inked Up is Better.

We’re still refining the site’s design, but we think it accomplishes our main goal—which was to explain Inked Up’s unique way of doing things, and convey the idea that is really is better than the inefficient and expensive way that most companies purchase their printing supplies.

Visit the site,

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