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If you’ve always wanted a cool video about your business, but never had the budget, the Animated Video is a great place to start! You get a 30-60 second video, set to music, that can be shared on your website or social media.



A video on your website is nearly irresistible for most visitors. They will click your “play” button, and they will stick around for at least a few moments. But you don’t necessarily need to shoot an expensive video at your business. You can gain the benefits of video by creating a 30-45 second Animated Video about your company.

The best way to understand the Animated Video is to watch an example. Here’s one that we created for Net Elevation.

The animated video contains:

  • your logo and taglines
  • still photos (either stock photos or ones you provide)
  • text slides
  • stock video clips
  • stock music clips
  • 30-60 seconds of “bullet points” about your company

It does NOT contain:

  • footage shot at your business
  • voice-overs or custom audio
  • video clips or images that are copyrighted by another party
  • lengthy text or explanations of your services

The finished video can be embedded onto your website, or shared on social media. It is suitable for almost any type of business. If you’ve always wanted a cool video, but never had the budget, the Animated Video is a great place to start!

Engage the senses, elevate your image.

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