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The first step in getting a website, is getting a domain name, commonly called your “.com” name or your web URL.

When you “buy” a domain name, what you are really getting are the usage rights to it for a specific period of time. The shortest time period is one year, but you can reserve domain names for 10 years or more. Many people reserve them for one year, and then renew the domain name each year.

The domain name gives you the ability to use it for:

a) website (

b) e-mail accounts (

c) subdomains (e.g.

There are a wide range of extensions available, such as .com, .net, .org, .biz and many more.

Rates are based on the type of extension and the time period. For a standard “.com” name, here are the rates. Your rate may increase slightly if you have a specialty extension (i.e. org, net, etc).

1 Year $22/yr
2 Years $21.50/yr
3 Years $21/yr
4 Years $20/yr
5 Years $19/yr

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