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$144.00 / year

A “web host” is a company that runs a secure data center. Without a web host, you’re not on the web. At Net Elevation, we handle all the technical details for you, keeping your website running smoothly and securely.



Web Hosting is an essential part of having a website – without a web host, you’re not on the web. A “web host” is a company that runs a secure data center. The web servers (special computers) in the data center are connected to a high speed internet pipeline. Whenever someone visits your website, what they are really doing is accessing your website files on these web servers.

Web hosting at Net Elevation is purchased on an annual basis.

Unlike most hosting companies, we do not throw figures and statistics at you – things like bandwidth, disk quotas, server speed, etc. It’s confusing and most people don’t care. Instead, we make a simple commitment to keep your settings optimized for you. We’re constantly fine-tuning, so that your website runs smoothly. For most of our customers, this means that we handle everything for you.

Some of our customers like to have greater control, and for those people we include standard Cpanel access – giving you the technical abilities that you need.

Web hosting also comes with options for POP/IMAP e-mail service, as well as DNS (domain name) functions.

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