An Example of a Search Engine Landing Page

One of our clients has three separate services under their corporate umbrella. Each service has the same general audience (Chicago singles), but is tailored to slightly different age categories and tastes. The original problem was that the three sites were competing against each other in the search engine listings.

We were trying to optimize all three sites. That’s when we realized we could save energy and money by optimizing only one site to bring in three times the leads.

The solution was to build a search engine landing page, which we named The Sterling Register. We collaborated with another search engine marketing firm to build it.

The concept behind this landing page is to collect traffic for all three services, and then let the visitor decide which service is right for them. This actually works better than our original method (trying to get all three sites listed) because the visitor is exposed to all three services at once. screen capture

In collaboration with our partner, we used all the latest and best techniques to get this page listed highly in the search engine rankings. Our client has noticed a dramatic increase in their online sales since launching The Sterling Register. If your company has several different sites that are competing for the same eyeballs, why not consider creating a landing page to funnel all traffic through a single source. We can help you determine your search engine strategy and build a landing page that will get results.

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