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Am I allowed to post “this” on my website/server?

As always, it depends what you are asking about.

If you want post large files, such as podcasts, audio/video, artwork, photos or similar things, the answer is likely to be “yes”. If you ask, we will adjust your web hosting account at Net Elevation to accommodate your work, provided they are for business purposes. In some cases, we may charge a small additional fee for the increased disk space and bandwidth that you need. Ask your web consultant to get started or make changes.

If you are asking whether something is allowed because you are concerned that it may not be, then you’re probably on the right track. We’re not looking to host controversial or tasteless subject matter, and we do consider ourselves to be a company that serves the business community, not personal interests.

Malware/adware are of course “not allowed” and will be removed upon discovery.

The best policy is always to ask first if you have any concerns.

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