A Net Elevation website is friendly, professional and—above all—designed to sell.

Net Elevation builds Web sites for small and mid-size organizations. Whether your company needs to redesign an existing site or build something from scratch, our team will deliver an attractive, user-friendly product that complements your existing marketing materials.

We create sites which are:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to update
  • Simple, yet visually striking
  • Quick to load, even on slow modems
  • Focused on selling your product or service

What’s Included?

  • Web template design and HTML coding
  • An attention-grabbing and informative homepage
  • Incorporation of stock or custom imagery
  • Calls-to-action at strategic places throughout your site
  • Lead-generation form or e-commerce functionality
  • Basic HTML optimization for search engines
  • Over 30 add-on features for your specific needs
  • Our innovative Site Editor tool, which allows you to update text on your own site
  • A monthly report on your site traffic and conversions
  • Testing & quality assurance

Elevated Process

We approach each project from a business perspective, helping you define the purpose of your Web site. Only after fully understanding your needs will we begin the design.

Unlike some design firms, Net Elevation focuses on the end-user of the site. We don’t create flashy designs to win industry awards; nor do we allow our personal tastes to dictate the project. Instead, we think about what is best for your company.

We believe in providing simple, thoughtful solutions for our clients. This rarely involves anything that beeps or swooshes around the screen.

Your Web site should not only look great; it should be a great business asset. For us, a successful project is one that generates leads or sales for your company.