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Colby Beserra

Friday, November 11th, 2005

Our new client, Colby Beserra, asked us to refine his website, Colby, which he uses to promote his career as a professional singer and musician. One of the first things we suggested was to add a large graphic to the homepage which provides a basic orientation to Colby’s music. We came up with the idea for a humorous infographic (“This is Colby. This is his album”), which is outrageously simple yet effective.

The next thing we suggested was to reorganize the navigation to eliminate some unclear menu options. We also added an Audio Central page to provide free song downloads of Colby’s music. His music–which is fantastic–is the best advertisement for his live performances, so we wanted to make sure it was easily available to his fans, or potential new fans. screen capture

We love working with small business owners, and we’ve found that artists, such as Colby, are a unique class of small business owners, in which their business is creative expression. We’re looking forward to working with Colby as his music continues to inspire and entertain us.

PS: Support the arts! Download a few samples of Colby’s music and, if you like what you hear, please consider buying his album or attending one of his shows!

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