Can you make my website look exactly like ….?

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

We take pride in our web design work. When you ask this question, our job is to pinpoint exactly what you mean.

It could mean that you like the layout. It could be the colors. It could even be an overall tone that appeals to you.

With this understanding, our job is to take inspiration from the model, and to create something customized to your business that contains the best elements from the model.

In fact, this is the process we’ve always followed. Part of our design process is to research what others in your field have done. We also ask you to provide links to sites that appeal to you. The end result is something that has a similar feel to your favorite sites, while also being completely original and representing your business.

If you are asking this question in an attempt to save money, it may be misguided. Using another website as inspiration does not necessarily cut a great deal of time from the project. We already follow a streamlined process to make your new website as affordable as possible while still delivering an excellent product.

For WordPress sites, you may also consider Bring Your Own Theme (BYOT).

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