Can you make a mobile app? What is the difference between a mobile app and a mobile website?

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

There is an important distinction to keep in mind, between a mobile app, and a mobile website.

A mobile website is one that looks great on any size device. It does not require “pinching and zooming” and it is easily readable. Typically, the website elements are stacked vertically for easy viewing on the phone, and the navigation is often compressed into a three-bar “hamburger style” menu that opens by touching it. The mobile website closely resembles your full size website, but it is arranged differently. Having a mobile responsive website is essential, and all of our new websites are built this way by default. We can also convert your existing site to become mobile friendly.

A mobile app is something that would have it’s own icon on your smartphone. They are installed by visiting the App Store. Usually, an app performs a specific function and is associated to a user account. Net Elevation does not create mobile apps. We have found that most small businesses do not need them, and the expense is typically higher because of the advanced programming that goes into them. If you feel that your business needs a mobile app, you can locate software developers on Google that will help you create one.

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