My domain name expired. Can I get it back?

Monday, September 24th, 2018

Yes, but the sooner you catch it, the better.

If the domain name expired a few days ago, you can simply renew it (ask for help if needed) and your site will be restored almost instantly.

If it expired within the past few weeks, you can probably still renew it but you may need to pay a “reinstatement” fee. The reinstatement fee is required by law – we did not create it and we cannot waive it.

If your domain has completely expired, most likely it is gone forever (someone else may have purchased it). But it’s still worth checking, so ask your web consultant and we will see if anything can be done. Yes, there is a process for buying domains from other people, or at auction, but this is rare and expensive. Avoid this situation if you can.

In the future, do everything possible to stay on top of your domain renewal dates. It is one of the most important things you can keep track of in your business.

My website has a “Bandwidth” notice. What should I do?

Monday, September 24th, 2018

Don’t worry – you didn’t do anything wrong. This sometimes happens due to the way in which we allocate bandwidth on a flexible basis – rather than a fixed basis. This means we constantly monitor our server activity and adjust bandwidth settings as needed. During times of higher activity, we increase or shift bandwidth resources. This keeps costs down for everyone.

Occasionally, we mess up and you’ll see a bandwidth error. Sometimes we resolve this on our own, but it will never hurt to mention it to your web consultant.

I’m getting an SSL error on my website.

Monday, September 24th, 2018

If you have an SSL error, it can sometimes appear as if your entire website is down. In reality, it just means there is a problem with your SSL security certificate. Usually, because it expired. Contact your web consultant, and we will help you determine what to do. An expired certificate can sometimes be reissued on the same day.

I think my site was hacked. What should I do?

Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

First of all, realize that it’s more common than you might think. Despite all precautions, sites are sometimes hacked. Typically, these hacks are not dangerous – in most cases, they install some adware or redirect your pages somewhere else. These hacks are installed by “bots”, not by live hackers. While annoying, this type of adware is easy to cleanup and does not represent a serious threat.

It is very rare for an individual hacker to gain access to secure information. Nevertheless, we take all precautions to minimize the chances of it ever happening.

If you suspect your site was hacked, contact us right away. The sooner we remove the hack, the fewer issues they can cause. Do not panic – in most cases, it is easily fixable by locating and removing the malicious files. In rare cases, we may restore from an older backup.

We always change passwords after a hacking incident.

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